How can LED lighting help reduce CO2 emission and carbon?

Energy-efficient lighting is fast and cost-effective way to reduce emissions and combat climate change.

LED lighting uses less power for a given application compared to traditional halogen and fluorescent light sources with a like for like lumen output.

Therefore, the overall kW/hr consumption per year is less, this helps reduce the overall CO2 emissions and help support your low carbon objectives and targets.

Guaranteed energy and carbon savings

We typically save our clients by:

  • 70% lighting energy costs
  • 30% total energy bill 

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How can we maximise your capital budget with Mitie?

  1. Modernising your lighting with energy efficient LED and intelligent lighting controls
  2. Health and wellbeing – enhanced lighting and air quality which increases wellbeing and performance to help people see, feel, and function better at work
  3. Compliance – remote emergency lighting testing, scheduling and reporting
  4. Energy optimisation – managing and reporting your energy usage
  5. Space optimisation – to help manage your floor space
  6. Circular Economy – reducing packaging and repurposing lighting

Plan Zero is our market-leading approach to carbon reduction

It is being leveraged by organisations to achieve their net-zero carbon targets, helping them to Eliminate Carbon, Eradicate Waste and Enhance Inefficient Buildings. Th​​​​​​​rough Plan Zero we will deliver your asset and infrastructure investment achieving Zero Carbon for Zero Cost.

To maximise capital budgets, projects that optimise operational effectiveness, while decarbonising the estate and generating whole-life cost savings should be prioritised.

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